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Are you concerned about an upcoming IRS Tax audit? Have you received Tax audit notice? Do you have any questions or concerns regarding preparation for an IRS Tax audit?

Our Tax Audit Services are here to answer your questions related to substantive Tax and Tax Audit Process to help you have a smooth and stress-free audit experience. Many of your problematic Tax Audit issues can be resolved by our IRS Tax Help in Los Angeles and Tax Audit Representation experts.

Do not wait until your tax issue has become a major problem. We, your Tax Audit Services consultants are one of the most trusted tax audit representation and tax problem resolution service providers in the area. We help individuals, corporations, partnerships, and non-profits. We will help solve your tax problems with the IRS to the outmost degree possible in the confines if IR Code. Our Tax Audit Services help resolve also many issues with state and local tax agencies assisting individuals and businesses with tax problems in addition to dealing with the Internal Revenue Service.

Did You Receive an Audit Notice from IRS?

The idea of being audited by the IRS is scary for most taxpayers. If you have already received a notice from the IRS, it’s important to act fast. Tax audit will be complex and there will be plenty of things to deal with during an audit; having a tax audit professional on your side to help you navigate the process can save you money and heartache.

We can review your IRS notice and explain what it means and what needs to be done now to adequately prepare. Then we’ll be with you every step of the way to tell you about what to expect throughout the process and help you locate, organize and present the documentation needed for the audit, as well as help you select the best tax audit strategy for successful tax audit resolution.

Our Tax audit services provide audit representation for personal or corporate tax issues. Entities and organizations notified by the IRS of a delinquent tax obligation should without a delay contact their tax audit representative in order to discuss the comprehensive audit requirements as sought by the IRS. We are very punctual in regards to our work and are able to complete the tax audit preparation assignment on a short notice. Moreover, our expertise and comprehensive training in the area allow us to handle most contradictory issues and admittedly gray areas of tax law where other practitioners / tax audit representatives usually shy away from.


If your IRS tax audit goes south there are few things that IRS could do, actually there are many things.

    • Did you know that IRS could take and sell your house?
    • Did you know that IRS could take and sell your car?
    • Did you know that IRS could seize and sell any type of real or personal property that you own?
    • Did you know that IRS could levy your wages?
    • Did you know that IRS could levy your retirement accounts?
    • Did you know that IRS could levy your bank accounts?
    • Did you know that IRS could levy your rental income?
    • Did you know that IRS could levy the cash loan value of your life insurance?

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Get Help from our IRS Tax Audit Services department – we, IRS Tax Audit Representation professionals are here for your Best Result:

Representing yourself before the IRS is a bad idea as you have no or little experience with tax audits. But remember, the our tax audit representation specialists have done this many times. When you turn to our Tax Audit Representation for help with your federal, or state, tax audit the process is much more likely go smoothly as we are Tax Resolution Specialists who specialize in dealing with IRS Tax Problems Resolution. As highly qualified tax professionals, member of the American Society of Tax Problems Solvers, we are able to anticipate most issues, analyze and prepare for them ahead of time. We are also keenly aware of how to answer IRS questions and inquiries in strict compliance with the complicated tax laws that won’t raise unnessesarily any red flags. With our assistance, you can minimize the danger of close range tax scrutiny and get an overall better and safer tax audit process under your control.

Even if you’ve filed your tax returns on time each year and feel you’ve done nothing wrong, the IRS may find an unexpected error. Audits are sometimes random but usually the IRS specifically selects which taxpayers to audit.

There are many reasons that a person can get flagged for an IRS tax audit. Mathematical errors made when preparing your tax return, forgetting to report a portion of your income or claiming too many charitable donations could make the IRS want to double-check your numbers. And also if IRS feels your return is likely to provide an opportunity to collect additional taxes they will make sure to audit you. If something found you’ll be subjected to burdensome penalties and interest, and then interest on penalties, etc. You got the idea.

Our Tax Audit Representation specialists understand the need for the audit process to be efficient and cost-effective. We conduct your IRS tax audit preparation work with a down to earth, practical approach and apply all the expertise associated with long-established best practices in the profession, thanks to our skilled and knowledgeable tax audit representation team members.

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